Sand Volleyball/Electric Volleyball FAQ’s


Q: Can I join as a free agent?

A: Absolutely. We will place you on a team that needs your sweet skills.


Q: What if a couple of my friends and myself want to play but don’t have 10 people?

A: Sign up as a group or start a team and OSSO will add free agents or combine another group


Q: Why are there 2 leagues and do they co-mingle?

A: Each league is purely recreational and they do not co-mingle. We chose two different leagues to give more options to our first time players and present a fun option for after dark!


Q: Is the league a good fit for someone who has never played before?

A: It’s the BEST league for someone who hasn’t played before. We encourage a judgment-free zone and just want our players to have fun every Friday night.


Q: Can I bring beer and play with it on the court?

A: Absolutely! Just keep it clean, upbeat, and drive safely! Everything is B.Y.O.A and NO GLASS!


Q: How long is the league?

A: It will be a 6 week league, every Friday night, and 1 designated weekend of playoffs shortly after the season ends


Q: If I disagree with a call that’s made by the referee, should I make a big deal about it?

A: No, having a fun with these leagues is priority. There will be tough calls that might go against yourself or your team from time to time, but no one likes “that guy” that can’t let it go.