OKC’s Adult Softball League, Chicago-Style

What is Chicago-Style Softball?!?

The gloves come off in this league. Invented in the early part of the 20th century – in, you guessed it, Chicago – Chicago-style softball uses a larger, squishier ball to play an otherwise familiar softball-like game. No gloves are allowed. Don’t need ‘em – squishy ball!


Over the years, Chicago-style softball has also been known as “16-inch softball” but we prefer the more colorful alternative names – mushball, cabbage ball or squish ball.


Sometimes, we even play “slosh ball” or “slap the bag” – it’s the same game, with the addition of foamy, hoppy beverages or vino. (Another good reason we leave the gloves at home – you gain a beverage hand.)

You Provide the Fun!

OSSO provides the bats, in addition to the playing field and the officials. 


Gather your mates and sign up your team for the upcoming season! Or, if you don’t have enough to field a full team, sign up anyway and we’ll help connect you with others. It’s a great way to get out, meet new people and, allegedly, get some exercise.


And, after the game, enjoy food and drink specials at the LIGHTHOUSE BEACH BAR!

But First, The Rules

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