Adult Footgolf Leagues In OKC

Get Fired Up Ladies & Lads!

Footgolf is a brand new sport brought to the U.S. by the American FootGolf League, and is fast becoming popular internationally and making marks in the U.S. The game is a combination of soccer and golf. The game format is identical to golf, except instead of using a golf ball and golf clubs, the players uses a soccer ball and their leg. Golf courses that also accommodate Footgolf have larger holes cuts for Footgolf competition. Need more info? Watch this video: AFGL FOOTGOLF VIDEO

Cruisin’ in the Golf Cart…

League teams are made up of 6 players. Each player plays their own round and the top 4 scores from each team are recorded each week. The season is 6 weeks long and each weeks’ scores are added to the total. The team with the lowest score at the end of the 6 weeks will be league champion.


Silverhorn Golf Club does a great job hosting our Footgolf Leagues & Tournaments! It’s off Kelley between N 122nd & Hefner Rd!



Each League team member gets a dry-fit polo in the team’s color. Outside of that, attire is pretty lax although we encourage golf caps, argyle socks & kilts. ABSOLUTELY NO CLEATS! Turf shoes & tennis shoes are fine!




There is a cart for every 2 players on a team each week.

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