OSSO Friday Fun League Kickball Cheat Sheet


Please refer to Kickball 365 Rulebook for any other specific rules not mentioned in this Cheat Sheet, however use these rules sparingly to clarify what the result of an “odd” play might be.



  • 7 innings or 50 minutes.
  • Completing a set number of innings/ time limit ends a game.
  • 3 Outs per inning

Team Lineups

  • There are no gender minimums or maximums for fielding lineups or kicking lineups
  • Team’s Fielding Lineup can contain a maximum of eleven (11) Players


  • Pitch has to roll when crossing the plate.
  • The ball must be pitched underhand.
  • Bouncing or spinning is not allowed.


  • If the catcher chooses to field a kicked ball before it reaches the 1st-3rd base line or if it stops short of the line and the catcher touches it with any part of the body, the ball is considered foul at that point. If any other fielder touches the ball before that line, it is considered fair and in play



  • Kickers can have an unlimited amount of kick attempts, there are no strikes, balls or foul balls. If a kicker does not like the pitch, simply roll the ball back to the pitcher.
  • If a team has less than the required amount of players (11) and the other team has more than 11, the opposing captain may borrow a couple players from bigger team for that particular game.
  • The play is over when the runner(s) have stopped momentum and the pitcher has possession of the ball without attempting to make any additional kickball plays
  • A disagreement on a “judgement” call can be settled by an amicable agreement of the team captains or a beverage chug by a designated “chugger” from each team.
  • Standings for this league are 1/3 kickball game winner, 1/3 FLIPCUP winner & 1/3 end of season fund raiser winning team.
  • Costumes/Themes/Mascots/Chants are absolutely encouraged throughout the season.
  • Drinking alcohol is not required to play in this league. Any beverage consumed must be by that players free will. If a rule requires consuming or holding a beverage, any player may drink whatever type of beverage they feel comfortable consuming/holding.
  • Always plan for a safe ride home.


Kickball Games Are Self Reffed 

A unique and fun rule will added for each week.

Week 1 – Can in HandEveryone must play with a can/cup in their hand throughout the entirely of the game

Week 2 – Opposite BasesRunners run to 3rd base first, 2nd, 1st, then home

Week 3 – Slap the BagKickers Slap a Bag of Wine, consume as much wine as they are comfortable with, then Kick

Week 4 – Small Ball/Big Ball3rd inning a small ball is used/5th inning an oversized ball is used

Week 5 – Dizzy KickKickers spin on a bat 5 times, then kick

Week 6 – Rotating FieldPlayers rotate one position per batter (much like rotation in volleyball)

Week 7 – Shlosh BallKeg at 2nd Base, Cups are filled 1/2 full of liquid, Runners must finish 1/2 liquid before they move to 3rd base. Up to 3 runners may be at 2nd base at the same time and be safe.

Week 8 – Charity Fundraiser NightMore Information To Come Later


Any other league specific rules that were not addressed in this cheat sheet will be subject to League Manager’s “Spirit of the League” ruling.