OSSO Fit Club is OKC’s Best Workout Option for Working Professionals

OSSO Fit Club is a 7-week fitness program for adults over 21 years of age who want to have fun and meet new people. Classes will meet once a week on Tuesday evenings at 6:30pm. We will have two trainers available to provide personal attention within our group setting!


OSSO Staff & Trainers are there with guidance & support throughout the week! The program is designed for those who want to get the most out of a workout without over-committing or over-paying for a traditional boot-camp. 

Week 1: 

Introduction to basic weight loss, exercise & nutrition. Fitness assessment to determine personalized goals!


Weeks 2-6: 

Group workouts, measuring of progress, time with trainers for questions & instruction on technique.


Week 7: 

Final group workout, total progress of goals & awards ceremony.



We will EDUCATE you on proper nutrition and technique as well as how to maximize results while working out in groups and independently.


We will MOTIVATE you by personalizing your goals with incentives and accountability partners for achieving those goals.


We will EMPOWER you by offering accountability, personal, 24-hour gym membership, & private OSSO Fit Club Facebook group for support.


Our programs are designed for you to succeed, no matter your skill level.


Trainer-led workouts are jam-packed with intense training in under an hour.


Certified trainers are on-hand to encourage, motivate & ensure your form is on point


Because we do high intensity circuit training, burn up to 800 calories in just an hour.


We provide a kick-off assessment so you can gauge improvement in 7 weeks.


With a group of supporters, you will stay committed vs. going to a gym by yourself.


Fit Club focuses on building muscle in the entire body during each session.


Pay for 7 weeks all at once, it’s a great way to receive affordable expert guidance.

What are you waiting for?

OSSO Fit Club Trainers


Spencer Malicki, Trainer


– B.S. in Health and Social Sciences from the University of Oklahoma

– NASM Certified Trainer since 2012


Training style:

Spencer’s style is all about you. Whether you want to lose fat, gain strength or have disabilities, he’s here to help. In meeting your individual needs, he’ll focus on core strength, endurance training, flexibility, weight training, balance, circuit or high-intensity interval (HIIT) training. He also teaches groups in HIIT-style training (full-body circuit training and boot camp style) and core/ab classes.


Spencer’s journey:

At 6-foot-6, Spencer grew up a skinny kid. When he decided to pursue his passion for helping people with a career as a personal trainer, he figured he should look the part. So he incorporated strength training and soaked up all the information he could about it. Now he’s well-versed in a diverse range of training techniques, with broad knowledge to help you achieve your goals.


How he can help:

Spencer remembers what it’s like to be a beginner slipping off the balance ball in an ab class and dropping the bar on his chest while bench pressing. He’ll give you the knowledge and confidence to overcome your concerns and make you more comfortable in the gym. If you’re more experienced and looking to take your fitness to the next level, he can get you there, with the range of knowledge that comes with five years of personal training.

Joyce Marie McMillar, Asst. Instructor


– ACE certified fitness instructor


Training style:

Joyce’s preferred teaching style focuses on high intensity, dynamic movements that engage multiple muscle groups for efficient and optimal results. During this session, she’ll focus on giving personal attention to fit club members to ensure proper form and technique.


Joyce’s journey:

As an athlete through a majority of her adolescents, working out and personal fitness has always been a true passion for Joyce. After becoming a mother in 2015, she began to really focus on making fitness a lifestyle by focusing on the idea of a mind-body-soul connection. She believes that each person has unique needs and enjoys helping people find the right lifestyle to help them best achieve their personal goals.


How she can help:

Joyce will encourage you to give your all every class. Outside of class and in our Facebook group, you’ll get some great tips and tricks for meal prep, unique workout ideas, and some pretty funny memes.

OSSO Fit Club Gym Sponsor

The Weight Room at The Lighthouse

The Weight Room at The Lighthouse is a real gym with real results. We have merged with The Lighthouse to bring our members the BEST of the BEST when it comes to Fitness. Open 24 hours, more equipment than any other facility, state of the art cardio equipment, sauna’s, whirlpools, 2 pool area’s and over 50 classes, all included in your membership. 

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