Adult Kickball Leagues In OKC – The Best Part of Childhood, All Grown Up!


Who can forget the satisfying “bloink” of a Keds sneaker striking a red, vulcanized rubber ball and sending it deep into left field? It was the best part of elementary school, and its back! Adult kickball leagues are popping up all over the country, and OSSO is the social sports organization bringing them to Oklahoma City. OSSO offers outdoor social leagues in the spring, summer and fall and an indoor league in the winter. There’s no reason you can’t get your kickball fix.

Nobody gets picked last!

Early registration is encouraged – there’s a discount, so check on upcoming seasons. Plus, in all of our leagues, everyone kicks and every team makes the playoffs.

From time to time, teams will agree play sloshball (kickball + beer!) or slap the bag (kickball + wine… yes, really!).

After the games, we all head to the LIGHTHOUSE BEACH BAR for some post game libations & tailgate games…good times are had by all win or lose!

Get your team together, or sign up as a solo or a small group and we’ll hook you up with like-minded kickball enthusiasts.





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