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OKC Sand Volleyball Doubles Rules

General League Rules and Information:

  • A team must have a minimum of 2 people on the roster
  • In case of severe weather, official word about cancellation will be emailed/texted to everyone between 4:00 pm & 5:00 pm


  • At least 2 players must be present to begin a match
    • Substitutes are allowed as long as the team has the required minimum of 2 players registered
    • Substitutes must be registered in the current session
      • If the substitute plays in the same league, the game they’re subbing in may not interfere with their own scheduled game(s)
  • If a team is more than 8 minutes late, that team will forfeit the first set in the match. If a team is more than 15 minutes late, that team will forfeit the entire match
    • If your team forfeits 4 or more matches during the regular season, you will not be eligible to play in playoffs
    • If your team forfeits 6 or more matches during the regular season, you will not be eligible to play in playoffs nor register for the following session
  • Captains or designated players of each team will rock/paper/scissors to decide which team serves

Scoring and Match Rules:

  • Each match will be two sets to 25, both must be won by 2
  • All games are self-reffed. Teams will report their scores to a lifeguard or lifeguard assistant
  • Rally scoring system. (A point is earned each time the ball touches the ground)
  • The scores for each set will be capped at 29

Game Play Rules:

  • HAVE FUN!!!
  • No more than 3 hits before returning
  • Blocking or attacking the serve is not allowed
    • Attacking the serve is when, on the first contact from a serve, a players feet leave the ground and they use one or two hands above their shoulders to hit the ball at a downward driven angle back over the net
  • Breaking the plane of the net is not allowed unless blocking
    • Breaking the plane of the net is interfering with the opponents second or third contact of the ball before the player has had the chance to touch/return the ball
  • Open handed tips and swipes are not allowed
    • You can dink the ball with your knuckles or poke it using your fingertips with your hand extended
  • Open handed receives are not allowed unless digging a hard driven ball
    • A hard driven ball is when a player hits the ball at a downward driven angle at a high rate of speed
  • Lifts are NOT allowed
    • A lift is when the ball sits in your hands for too long, almost as if you caught it
    • When setting, your elbows must only extend once the ball makes contact with your hands
      • Do not allow the ball to sink toward your face or get low toward your chest after contact has been made
  • Doubles are not allowed
    • A double is when there is a double contact on the ball and it over rotates after a player hand sets it
  • If the ball is intentionally set into the opponents side of the court, the player must direct the ball perpendicular to the direction his/her shoulders are facing
  • A player may not touch the ball 2 consecutive times unless directly after an opposing team member blocks their original touch
    • A block does not count as a touch
  • If the ball touches the out of bounds line it is considered in
  • If the ball touches the antenna or the net outside of the antenna, it is considered out
  • When the ball is returned, it must stay between the ends of the net (antennas)
  • NO Net Touches Allowed
  • Teams must alternate servers. The two players on the court must serve in order
    • Teams will change servers after they have scored on an opponent’s serve
  • Interfering with players under the net is not allowed. If you land under the net without interfering with another player it is okay
  • In Co-Ed Doubles, the male may not intentionally serve the female more than one time in a set*
    • If he serves her a second time, the point will be replayed
    • If he serves her three or more times, the point(s) will be awarded to his opposing team
    • The opposing team may not intentionally place themselves on the court as to cause this fault
  • Throughout the course of the match should any disagreements regarding a play arise, teams will agree to replay the point


  • Each match will be the best of 3 sets
    • The first 2 sets will go to 21 and the 3rd set will go to 15, all must be won by 2
    • There will be no cap
  • In the case of an injury or emergency, a substitute may be allowed
    • The substitute must be registered in a current league and of equal or lesser skill level to the player they are subbing for
    • All substitutes MUST be approved by the league coordinator and/or lifeguard, as well as all of their opposing teams
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